Why should buyers invest in an inspection report?
Why should buyers invest in an inspection report?

Why should buyers invest in an inspection report?

For most people, buying a property is the biggest financial decision of their life. There are real risks involved – you could buy a “lemon” and be left paying thousands to fix a property that was hiding significant issues.

BYB has a panel of independent, insured inspectors that can help you with your property due diligence. They also have a cash back model to ensure that you don’t waste money when looking at properties that you don’t end up buying.

Why should sellers invest in an inspection report?
Why should sellers invest in an inspection report?

Why should sellers invest in an inspection report?

Your property is competing with others in the area and you want to make it as easy as possible for a buyer to transact on yours. It can lead to more interested parties making faster offers, and therefore a faster sale.

Are inspectors insured and independent?
Are inspectors insured and independent?

Are inspectors insured and independent?

BYB inspectors are independent – independent from BYB, independent from real estate agents, and independent from sellers.  BYB pair you up with a qualified inspector in your area. The advantages of their model are that:

(1) They only maintain high-quality inspectors on their panel and ensure that each has their own insurance, which you can rely on if the need arises, and

(2) they keep the costs down.

If a report is already available, you can be assured that the inspector has appropriate insurance and can receive feedback from other buyers like you.

How it works

Completed reports that are already in BYB's system will be emailed to you within a few minutes after purchase.

Who is Before You Bid?

Before You Bid is your trusted ally in the world of real estate, committed to transforming the way buyers and sellers navigate the property journey. For buyers, they offer a game-changing platform that allows you to search and secure essential property inspections, safeguarding your interests before making a purchase.

With access to over 450 independent, insured inspectors who complete reports promptly, you gain invaluable insights within days, ensuring informed decisions can be made. Sellers, too, benefit from BYB's innovative approach, as they can share inspection costs with potential buyers or cover the expense themselves, fostering transparency and efficiency in the selling process.

Before You Bid is more than a platform; it's a partner dedicated to delivering unparalleled convenience, cost savings, and peace of mind throughout your real estate experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a building & pest report and a strata report?

A building & pest report focuses on the structural and pest-related aspects of a property, evaluating its condition and potential issues through a visual, on-site inspection.

On the other hand, a strata report delves into the collective ownership and financial health of a property within a strata scheme, providing insights into the shared responsibilities, bylaws, and the overall well-being of the strata community (completed via records made available from the strata manager).

While a building & pest report safeguards against individual property concerns, a strata report ensures a comprehensive understanding of the communal aspects in a multi-unit setting.

How are reports priced so affordably?

BYB has a range of different report share-cost models. In some models, the successful buyer will be charged a balance payment if they or someone they purchased the report on behalf of are successful buyers of the property, and will then have the report transferred into their name for future reference.

For these models, if you miss out on the property you will only pay a fraction of the cost of the report. And if you get the property - congratulations! - the report will be transferred to you in your name for future use.

When do I make payment?

All payment is taken upfront, even when a report is not available for immediate download. For shared cost models in which the vendor has paid for the upfront report, there may be a second charge when the property has sold and the successful buyer has been identified.

How long does it take to get my report?

BYB estimate between 2-4 days after payment has successfully gone through. If a report already exists, it will be available to download immediately once payment is made. You can enter your auction date or cooling off date and the BYB team will work to ensure the report is available before then or advise if it is not possible. If you require an urgent report, you can contact BYB to find an available inspector from their panel.

What do I do if there are defects in the property?

Almost all properties have “defects”. BYB reports can help you identify the issues that you should be aware of before purchasing the property.

Some interested buyers will get rough quotes from tradesmen on potential improvements before they bid or make an offer and factor these costs into the price they’re willing to pay. If you can live with the issues identified in the report, then you can bid with confidence.

As a seller, why should I purchase an inspection report for interested buyers?

By reducing the cost of the report for interested buyers, you can increase the number of qualified bidders doing due diligence on your property.

Please note that Before You Bid functions solely as a platform facilitating connections between buyers, sellers, agents, and independent inspectors. Reports are the product of third-party inspectors, not employed or contracted by Before You Bid. All inspectors on our platform operate independently – separate from agents and property sellers.

Where does Before You Bid operate?

BYB operates everywhere in Australia except for the ACT.

^realestate.com.au Pty Ltd partners with a number of third party product and service providers to help meet your needs. If you obtain products or services from these providers, we may receive a flat fee or commission. Although we might refer you to third parties, we do not endorse or otherwise take any responsibility for the products or services they provide to you. If you have any questions about our arrangements with these providers, please don’t hesitate to ask.
*Before You Bid acts as a platform facilitating connections between buyers, sellers, agents, and independent inspection companies. Reports are the product of a third-party inspection company not employed/contracted by Before You Bid. All inspection companies on Before You Bid's platform operate independently.