If you are interested in Bridgit, connect with them to hear more about their offering and see if it is right for you. Their team is available to help you with your next property move.

How it works

Who is Bridgit?

Bridgit launched in 2021 and is a tech-driven, non-bank lender revolutionising property lending, allowing you to unlock the equity in your home before selling with a bridging loan.

Bridgit provides Australian homeowners access to finance solutions made for today, offering 24-hour approvals, interest free periods and an Australian-based team to support you along the way. Bridgit has helped 100s of homeowners act fast and make the most of opportunities to purchase their next dream home.

Let’s break down the numbers

1 month interest free and no monthly repayments

Set-up fee from 0.99%

Variable rate from 8.99% p.a. (includes a discount of 1.00% p.a.) after the interest free period, from 9.11% p.a. comparison rate^.

Funding from $300K to $4M

Loan-to-value ratio (LVR) up to 75%

Loans up to 12 months

Chris & Sharanne relocated to their ultimate dream acreage with Bridgit!
Chris & Sharanne relocated to their ultimate dream acreage with Bridgit!

Chris & Sharanne relocated to their ultimate dream acreage with Bridgit!

“It was a 3-day turnaround from when we first rang to when we were told we were able to make an offer on the property. It was incredible. It has made an incredible change to our lives.”

- Sharanne, Bridgit customer
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From city to coastal, Giles and his family secured their dream lifestyle change
From city to coastal, Giles and his family secured their dream lifestyle change

From city to coastal, Giles and his family secured their dream lifestyle change

“I’m self-employed, which is an obstacle that the banks have to take more time processing. Bridgit were accommodating and were able to provide a fast and effective solution.”

- Giles, Bridgit customer
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Mark and Kay rightsized into their next perfect home with Bridgit!
Mark and Kay rightsized into their next perfect home with Bridgit!

Mark and Kay rightsized into their next perfect home with Bridgit!

“The process was so quick and easy with Bridgit, I managed to sign my declaration between the 10th and 11th hole at my golf course.”

- Kay, Bridgit customer
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What Bridgit customers say

What Bridgit customers say

Is Bridgit right for me?

There’s a lot to weigh up when buying and selling property, so we’ve tried to make things a little easier for you by calling out some key considerations.

Good for:
Good for:
  • Downsizing or upsizing your home
  • Unlocking the equity in your existing property
  • Avoiding short-term rental, storage or moving costs
  • Buying and selling in the same market
  • Avoiding having to manage multiple mortgages at the same time
  • Time to buy the perfect home before selling
Not suited for:
Not suited for:
  • Those not looking to sell their current home
  • Those with poor credit history including bankruptcy
  • Using a loan for construction or commercial purposes
What is a bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a short term loan that allows you to borrow against your existing property's equity to purchase a new home. Bridging loans generally cover the purchase price and stamp duty on a new purchase. You repay the loan within the agreed term once you have sold your existing property.

Is a Bridgit loan a first mortgage?

Yes, a Bridgit loan is a first mortgage. Bridgit will refinance your existing home loan as part of the loan amount so that you avoid having to manage two mortgages at the one time.

I have an existing mortgage, can I get a Bridgit loan?

Yes! Bridgit’s Bridging Loans are a short-term finance solution to buying your dream property. Bridgit provides up to 75% LVR of the combined value of your two properties. For example, if your existing property equity is $2M, and the property you want to buy is worth $1M, Bridgit can cover the full purchase price of your new property. If you are upsizing and need more time to pay back the loan as there is an end loan after the sale, you can refinance to a longer-term loan with an alternate lender.

What are the costs and fees?

Costs and fees vary depending on your unique loan scenario. For example, Bridgit may charge:
Set-up fee: The set-up fee starts from 0.99% and is calculated as a percentage of the total loan amount. It is added to your final loan amount and is repaid when your loan is closed.

Interest rate: The first month of the loan period is interest free. Once the one month period has ended, the interest rate is from 8.99% p.a., which includes a discount of 1.00% p.a. (from 9.11% comparison rate^). Interest is calculated in advance and included in the total loan amount. This means you are not required to make monthly repayments.

Loan deposit: A $900 deposit is paid to accept our conditional approval offer and allows you to move your application into the final stages. Once your loan is funded, Bridgit will apply a credit of the same amount, meaning you get it back.

Valuation fees: To confirm the final loan offer, Bridgit need to complete a valuation on your existing property and the new one you are purchasing. Bridgit charge from $250 per valuation.

Government & settlement fees: Government and settlement fees can vary state by state but generally include title registration fees, mortgage registration fees, discharge fees, PEXA fees, and legal fees.

How does the application work?

Apply online in under 5 minutes and receive same day pre-approval. You then pay a small upfront deposit to accept our offer, which allows us to progress your loan to final checks and approvals. Once you sign the loan documents your loan will be settled, all in as little as 48 hours*.

*Subject to the loan scenario and outgoing lenders processes on refinance (if applicable).

How does Bridgit ensure my data is secure?

Bridgit takes data security and the protection of your information seriously. As a fintech company, Bridgit use technology to digitally verify your financials safely and securely with bank level encryption, whilst delivering you a headache-free application experience. All the information assessed is similar to what you would supply in a manual application, Bridgit’s technology just allows us to process it faster and hassle-free.

What approvals do Bridgit offer?

Bridgit offer a conditional approval offer when you have a contract of sale or you have found a property you plan to go to auction for. The conditional approval offer is valid for 14 days, and you can accept this offer by paying your loan deposit. Once accepted you then move into the next stage to receive an unconditional approval.

Unconditional approval is given once Bridgit have completed the final assessments of your loan documents, you are then provided a Bridgit loan offer that is not subject to any conditions. This is your final loan offer, and you have 60 days to settle on your new home.

If you don’t have a property in mind you can schedule a call with one of Bridgit’s Bridging Loan Specialists who will tell you a little more about Bridgit and what your next steps may be.

^Comparison rate is calculated on a $150,000 secured loan over a 25-year term where a minimum repayment of 40% of the initial loan amount is made within the first 6 months of the loan commencing. WARNING: Comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in different comparison rates. Comparison rates for interest only loans will not reduce your loan balance. This may mean you pay more interest over the life of the loan. Bridging Loan set up fee is from 0.99% and government charges apply.
Eligibility and approval is subject to standard credit assessment and not all amounts, term lengths or rates will be available to all applicants. Fees, terms and conditions apply.
*Bridgit Pty Ltd (ACN 648 580 901) and Bridgit Financial Services Pty Ltd (Australian Credit Licence number 532542) (together, Bridgit) is the provider of Bridgit. Bridgit has approved the materials that we, realestate.com.au Pty Ltd (ACN 080 195 535) provide to you in respect of Bridgit. We do not endorse or otherwise take any responsibility for Bridgit. If you obtain Bridgit, we may receive remuneration (such as a flat fee or commission).